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  • Entrance to the Lion Works in Newtown, Wales
  • The Lion Works in Newtown, Powys
  • Entrance to G Owen & Sons at the Lion Works

Industrial Units

With the company continuing to grow, the decision was taken in 1982 to relocate to the Lion Works site, on the Pool Road leading into Newtown. As well as providing the business with the opportunity to expand its thriving pre-packing business, a major area of the Lion works site was converted into industrial units for rent which are extremely popular with businesses across Newtown, Powys and the Mid-Wales region. The industrial site currently consists of approximately 50 industrial units varying in size from 150 square feet to 4000 square feet. 

The Lion Works site is home to a variety of businesses, from retail showrooms, and light industrial usage, to simple storage facilities.  We are proud that our competitive rates have proven attractive to both sole traders and larger companies who wish to locate a branch of their business in Mid Wales area.

If you have any questions regarding the Lion Works site or are interested in leasing a unit, please feel free to contact Gareth on 01686 626680, Ext 228 or alternatively email [email protected].

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