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Quality Coal & Smokeless Fuel delivered to your door

Winter is rapidly approaching, so get that warm and cosy feeling with Premium House Coals and Smokeless Fuels from G Owen & Sons.

We have solid fuels to suit all appliances, whether it's an open fire or stove, all of which can be delivered to your door. We supply a great range of premium solid fuels which include Superglo, Welsh Globrite, Homefire and Anthracites, all at really competitive prices.

We specialise in fast and efficient coal deliveries, from our base in Newtown, Wales right across the UK. Buy coal online with G Owen & Sons today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What solid fuel is best for my fire?

Not all Coal is the same, they may look similar but the way in which they burn and the heat that they give off can be very different. We offer a wide range of fuels suitable for all types of fires and appliances.

House Coal

Perfect for open fires, House Coal is a naturally occurring non-smokeless fuel with great heat-output.

Smokeless Coal

Also suitable for open fires, Smokeless Coal is a smokeless alternative to House Coal and is better for the environment.


A slow burning smokeless fuel which is slow burning but with a high heat output, great for homes and fuel efficiency.

I have just moved to a house with an open fireplace.  How do I light my fire?
  1. Ensure the fire is clean with ashes from a previous fire removed.
  2. Place firelighters onto the centre of the grate, and place dry kindling sticks on the firelighter.
  3. Light the firelighter. Wait until the sticks have ignited and place the solid fuel on top of the sticks.
  4. Enjoy the warmth and glow of your real fire.
How often do I need to get the chimney swept?

We recommend that you ensure your chimney is swept at least once every 12 months. 

Can I burn bituminous house coal in a smoke controlled area?

No. you should use one of our certified smokeless fuels.

Can I burn house coal on my enclosed appliance (Arger / Rayburn etc)?

As a member of the “Coal Merchants Federation” we would strongly advise customers to use certified smokeless fuels on enclosed appliances.

I have unseasoned logs – can I use them on my fire?

We strongly recommend that customers only use thoroughly seasoned or kiln dried logs on their fires.

Is house coal about to be banned?

This is a changing picture, because legislation has yet to passed in Westminster. But it is anticipated that the sale of bituminous (non-smokeless) house coal, by non-approved solid fuel outlets, will be outlawed in England from 1st May 2021.  However, house coal purchased by the customer prior to this date can still be burnt after 1st May.

This is a devolved decision by parliament, which at the moment, only effects England. It has yet to be decided when Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow suit.

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